The youth of today face innumerable societal problems. The social issues facing today’s youth can have major effects on how these young people will in due course turn out as they reach adulthood. As youth and its experiences shape up the adult life which in turn will affect the nation and its progress, the issues of youth become an important aspect that not only needs attention but demands quick action on a global level to secure a better future for individual nations and the world as a whole, as it is these youths on whose shoulders the advancement of the world rests.

Drug and alcohol abuse continues to be among the more serious problems confronting modern society. Beginning from issues like smoking to alcohol and other innovative psychotropic drugs are a big issue looming over the youth of today. In previous generations, smoking topped the list of growing social issues.

However, recent public efforts to curb the smoking habit have somehow effectively addressed this particular social problem, although it remains to be totally resolved. In its place, however, is a more dangerous social threat with more extreme repercussions. The growing explosion of alcoholic drinks and illegal drugs has led many young people down a losing path. The predicament is getting worse in recent times with kids in their high school years becoming unsuspecting victims. The drugs of choice among today’s youth include a range of new designer drugs that have been popping up at an alarming speed. In fact, it can be difficult for law enforcement to keep up this all of the new dangerous substances that continue being introduced on the black market.

Another issue that is causing a negative effect on the youth of today is the overtly mediated world. With the youth being infused with so much information at a go, it has made everything accessible to them at a click of a button without much filtration to provide them with necessary information as and when required or appropriate guidance regarding the kind of information received. In yesteryears, education was not everyone’s forte. Those, who really had the knack for it, pursued it. But today, the scenario is different; everyone is studying along with full-fledged facilities. In the past, even a high school pass-out or simple graduates would find work and live contentedly. In those days, one would not necessarily need to have a college degree to survive. But in today’s times, youngsters with multiple degrees are unable to find work with good pay, to afford a decent lifestyle.

On the occasion of the observance of the tenth anniversary of the International Youth Year in 1995, and concerned about the persistence, in some instances worsening, of the factors that affect youth in the current world, the Heads of State or Government called upon governments and the organizations and specialized agencies of the United Nations system to make greater efforts in the design, improvement and development of policies, plans and appropriate programs to reach the goals that inspired the World Programme of Action for Youth toward the year 2,000 and beyond.

In that connection, The Heads of State or Government welcomed the adoption of General Assembly Resolution 49/152, which decided to devote up to four plenary sessions at its fiftieth session to, inter alia, mark the tenth anniversary of the International Youth Year.

This decision should be revisited and made changes to tackle the present situation. NAM and its members need to focus on solutions that might fit the scenario today. Certainly education can help our youth to avoid dangerous drugs and to stay on the right path.

In addition, sports teams, tutoring, Sunday schools and other community groups can keep young people occupied and engaged in positive character building activities which will keep them from going astray. Building more schools and better facilities, organizations for those who stray and help them to get back on the right path.

Also important in this regard is for NAM to urge its member countries to set up better employment facilities and provide its youth with a means to survive and flourish towards better conditions.