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We Gatherin’ Barbados 2020

Calling for an all-inclusive homecoming of Bajans or Barbadians, to reacquaint and to recommit to the core values of the island nation, that translate pride and care of the people there and also the industrious people with an undisputed tradition of excellence, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has made an effort towards the country’s long-term growth and development agenda.

With an effort to reach out to all Barbadians, either by descent, birth, marriage or by choice, the idea behind ‘We Gatherin’ 2020’ is to celebrate the authenticity of what Barbadians are. A year-long campaign for the island nation is an invitation for Bajans at home and anywhere in the world to invest, contribute and participate in the parish-by parish development of the nation. To make the event act as a catalyst for national transformation, the Prime Minister has called the Barbadians to come together, join hands, celebrate the outstanding tradition of excellence across every nook and cranny of the region and help build the best Barbados.

The year-long effort, often called the brainchild of Prime Minister Mia Mottley and the Barbadian Government, highlights the ideology that Non-Aligned Movement circumscribes with all its Member States and the rest of the world. The 120-member organisation thrives for growth and development of an economy with an active participation of all the nations across the globe.

Thus, as an effort towards the ideology, We Gatherin’ Barbados 2020 comes out to be an aid in the rebuilding of the nation. It comes out to be an entire process and not a single moment in time. It is about the restructuring of a nation from St. Lucy to St. Philip, from the west to the east coast, waving the theme ‘Purposeful Pursuit of Barbadian Excellence’, stated Prime Minister Mottley.

Coming together in 2020 is a lot more than physically being in one space. The Prime Minister said it is about telling the story of the great things done by the Bajans that have remained untold, sharing their passions and coming home for that inspiration. “2020 is about families recognising that time on this earth is way too short and we need to get together a little more,” said Prime Minister Mottley. Began this year in January, the event will culminate in December. Homecoming 2020 is an initiative launched under Vision 2020 that focuses on creating economic opportunities for Barbadians and elevating Barbados’ global brand and working together towards facilitating national transformation.

The administration has planned celebrations in a structured form that will be celebrated at national level for the most part coordinated by the government of Barbados. It further has made efforts to engage people living in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

The initiative looks forward to an active participation of educational institutions, churches, community groups, regional persons along with those in international community with Barbadian connections, entrepreneurs among others, throughout the year, with people encouraged to give their input and produce events as well.

From tree plantations to quizzes, to exhibitions, to Karaoke to Agro-fest and a lot more, the event is a big buzz. A tremendous response has been reported so far and is likely to fuel up the spirit among the local population.

The administration expects the initiative to rebuild the community spirit and draws upon a recommitment to the traditional way of living. It aspires to provide an opportunity for each parish to highlight the uniqueness of Barbadians to acknowledge the contributions and achievements made by their parishioners for the development of the island nation and further contribute to the overarching Vision 2020 initiatives. Not only a government’s effort, the coming together 2020 is a campaign that must be embraced by every individual through his participation in the event.

Designating 2020 as the year of Barbadians coming together, the effort is to mark what Barbados actually is. Walking on the development plan that Non-Aligned Movement has dictated on part of its Member States, Barbados aims to reflect the excellence of its tradition, define the values that Barbadians impart within and embrace the positive cheerfulness of its innovative youth. Every day is a new day, calls Barbados to explore the richness of the region.

The idea is to attract the international community through the valuable tools and lessons of the past to create a better tomorrow. The contribution does not restrict itself to money; the biggest contribution one can make here is by devoting his time towards an act of homecoming and form a part of the event.

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