The UAE Government places significant importance on youth empowerment and gives utmost precedence. The government spares no endeavours to ensure their upliftment and commitment towards building a sustainable future for the nation and the future generation.
As a part of its commitment, the government has taken several steps to motivate the active involvement of the youth. It has executed various initiatives to promote their national identity and belonging.

The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and General Authority of Sports started the Youth Empowerment Strategy (YES) in March 2015, to empower the Government and young Emiratis to work together to achieve Vision 2021.

UAE Vision was launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai in 2010, to make UAE, one of the best countries in the world. The objective of the YES Strategy is to reinforce “cooperation, collaboration, and communication between all youth development stakeholders, check youth empowerment progress through key performance indicators and accountability measures, endow with an integrated and common vision and framework for young Emiratis dependent on opportunities, priorities, and needs.”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) developed to become a ray of hope for the youths. As per the eleventh yearly Arab Youth survey, for the eighth successive year, youthful Arabs preferred UAE as the better nation to live. The survey showcases that unemployment and the rising cost of living are the main worries of Arab youth. Nonetheless, one of the fundamental difficulties faced by the youth in the Arab world is their incapability to convey their views and thoughts on different issues that concern them.

The government to ease the youth concern has taken a significant step and appointed a 22-year-old as Minister of State for Youth in 2016, thus facilitating more reliable institutional framework and youth-driven strategies. Subsequently, the country witnessed the introduction of various youth committees that empower youth to be associated with drafting policies, lead to action-oriented discussion and rouse concrete recommendations for the government, local intuitions, and also the private sector enterprises.

Additionally, Emirati Youth Circles activity administered by Federal Youth Authority was launched by H.H. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai. The youth circles encourage youth-driven discourse on various areas for sustainable engagement of youth to shape inventive resolution for worldwide challenges.

The young people of UAE found a platform that amalgamated them in the decision- making process along with chief stakeholders from several sectors. It empowers youth to articulate their views on social issues and policy matters. Through this venture, young people are being allowed to catalyze community impact and youth leadership.

Further, the Ministry of Finance of UAE established MoF Youth Council in 2017 and pioneered in accomplishing the vision of the UAE. The Council centers on supporting the exceptional young talents at the Ministry and enabling them to follow its future directives and visions, reaping their abilities and including them in the Ministry’s accomplishments.

The Youth Council of the Ministry of Finance comes under the Ministry’s goals to enable a culture of advancement in the institutional workplace. The Council intends to develop the young generation, converse with them, and emphasize their role in progression. The Council additionally aspires to review youth’s outlook on projects and internal policies, which fortifies the Ministry’s capacity to provide its assistance as per the best expectation of quality, competency, and transparency.

The Council carries out various task including publishing the youth’s message, collecting data and suggestions from the youth at MoF, assessing the youth’s response in the Ministry to internal policies and projects, mobilizing youth’s talents to develop successful solutions and policies, taking into account their opinions of the youth in MoF and regulate the objectives of the Youth Council of the Ministry of Finance to come in accordance with the goals of the UAE Youth Council through periodic coordination and correspondence. In its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations set a few goals based on the need to give spaces for inclusive and sustainable preparation, areas for youths to have productive interactions with their families, and to open channels of insightful exchange of ideas between generations. The World Program of Action for Youth, UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, offers a space for recreational activities as a part of its role in supporting the psychological, intellectual, and physical improvement of the young people.

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