Part I (Short Term Programme)

I. To organize lectures in universities and educational institutions under the banner of “NAM Lecture Series” on the themes in consultation with experts and the members of the Governing Body.


II. To hold National Symposia on:

  • Revitalizing NAM
  • Restructuring the UN Security Council
  • Regional Cooperation and Economic Prosperity
  • Women and Development
  • Right to Development – Agenda before NAM
  • Child Labors – A Scourge for Humanity.


III. To organize Books and Photographs Exhibitions at various Universities on:

  •  Human Rights-Evolution and Education


IV. To organize International Conferences on:

  • Human Rights Challenges in 21st Century
  • Dynamics of Terrorism and the issue of survival of Humanity
  • NAM in the New Millennium – Priorities and Challenges
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation – Changing Perspectives


V. To organize Asian Regional Conference on “Social Justice for Minorities”: Representatives of institute participated in economic and social council and other conferences/meetings of united nations.


VI. Research Projects: It is proposed to work on the following research projects during the year 1998.

  • Extension of the Ban on Nuclear and other Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Fundamentalism and International Relations
  • Social Development – Special Need of the Indian Sub-Continent
  • Rights of Minorities in India
  • Terrorism and Rights to Life
  • Process of Development – Need for Innovative Planning

Note: The Institute will undertake new research projects on the recommendations of its Research Committee with cooperation of leading universities and national and international NGOs. Co-sponsorship with institutions in these areas in welcome.


VII. Forthcoming Publication: The international Institute for Non-Aligned Studies proposes to bring out the following publications:

  • South Asia Peace Process (February 2006)
  • Non-Aligned Movement – A Look Ahead (March 2006)

Part II (Long Term Programme)

I. Research Quarterly Publication of a quarterly research journal “Non-Aligned World”. The quarterly issue will be published in the months of January, April, July and October, as in the past.


II. News from Non-Aligned World: At present it is a bilingual (Hindi and English) bi-weekly publication. It is proposed to make it more broad-based, effective and comprehensive.


III. Publication of News Bulletin of NGOs Coordinating Committee on Human Rights: It helps in strengthen the bilateral and multilateral cooperation among NGOs at UN Geneva.


IV. Other Projects of IINS:

  • An independent Institutional complex with an auditorium, information centre, seminar rooms and a full fledged library. The institute also roposes to run a NAM Documentation Centre with the most modern computerized facilities for easy retrieval of documents and information.
  • To create opportunities for professionals and scholars to increase understanding about international peace and conflict research.
  • To raise funds with public support for the promotion of the NAM activities through International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies.
  • To institute NAM award for Racial Harmony and World Peace.
  • Exchange of delegations and participation in international activities.
  • To provide assistance in the field of secretarial, documentation, research and publication for the Non-Aligned Movement.