The Non-Aligned Movement has always upheld the principles of liberation and struggle in opposition to any kind of discrimination while affirming and backing the rights of people to independence in a bipolar world, striveing today in a unipolar world, to take up the challenges of expansion, concord and solidity and work to cast out double standards when calling acts of developed countries.

The Non Aligned Movement has encouraged and preached the maxims of liberation and sovereignty of states without giving up to the pressure of the developed countries since its inception. NAM has reiteratingly urged and advised for its members and the world as a whole to practice peace and harmony through its policies and non proliferation of nuclear weapons being one of the strongest pillars of the movement. NAM is the second largest group after the United Nations and therefore its agenda on matters of world importance plays an important role in conveying the message of peace to the world and specifically to its member countries.

Such principles that NAM holds close strike at the absolute equality of nations large and small, which is the centre and core of the Charter of United Nations and therefore finds NAM as an essential part of its world contributions.
Today, the Non-Aligned Movement represents nearly two out of three members of the United Nations contributing four out of five United Nations peacekeepers. They together have made tremendous contributions.  As one looks ahead together, they must build on their strong partnership.

NAM represents diverse societies joined by common goals. It is therefore urged of them to unite as well to promote and protect the values embedded in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including freedom of expression and freedom of association.  For much of its membership, this internal effort should be the next frontier of action for their people.

With the growing disputes worldwide, all Non-Aligned Movement members need to work within the principles of the United Nations Charter to resolve disputes peacefully. It is not sufficient to focus on lowering tensions between Non-Aligned Movement countries, as important as the need for these both to work in coalition.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon remarks, “We must prevent conflict between all United Nations Member States.  And from this platform — as I have repeatedly stated around the world — I strongly reject threats by any Member State to destroy another, or outrageous attempts to deny historical facts, such as the Holocaust. Claiming that another United Nations Member State, Israel, does not have the right to exist, or describing it in racist terms, is not only utterly wrong, but undermines the very principles we have all pledged to uphold”.

Today, the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement face the supreme challenge of answering people’s aspirations. There are two paths for rising to this challenge: prevention to help deal with a society’s political grievances; and sustainability to help address society’s developmental challenges.

With NAM members’ support, NAM can improve the capacity of the United Nations to respond early to conflicts. But prevention starts at home — by strengthening democratic institutions, safeguarding human rights, ensuring popular participation and guaranteeing the rule of law.

In this period of profound transition, the Non-Aligned Movement continues to define its evolving identity and address changing notions of sovereignty in an age of interconnectedness.  As NAM engages in that process, its role at the United Nations will remain crucial.