NEWS FROM NON-ALIGNED WORLD (NNW) – A news and features agency in English and Hindi, was established on November 1, 1979 in manifestation of the emerging concept of New Information and Communication Order outlined by the developing and NAM countries. The agency filled the void in media exposition of the issues, events and achievements of the third world.


NNW is a bi-weekly news and features agency and since inception it is being brought out regularly without any break. Inspite of its moderate set-up and financial limitations, the NNW has endeavoured to provide the newspapers, media organisations, and its varied readership with authentic and in-depth reading materials, features, commentaries and special coverage about the on-going events in the Third World and issues related to the developing Non-Aligned Movement and international relations.


Today, NEWS FROM NON-ALIGNED WORLD is subscribed and read by a cross-section of people from academic, social, political, diplomatic and other fields. It is received by more than 850 newspapers (national, regional and languages press), various ministries of the Government of India and state government departments, diplomatic missions in India and abroad educational institutions, socio-political organisations and enlightened individuals.


Complimentary services are also available twice in every week to various governmental institutions, libraries, political parties, ministries of the Government of India, and the state government bodies, Parliament and Parliamentarians, Universities and others.


Subsidised or complimentary copies are also despatched to eminent scholars, journalists, retired diplomats, writers, etc., as part of our policy to disseminate the ideals of the Non-Alignment and UN and to highlight the significant events of the Third World and Developing Countries.


Articles, commentaries, news analyses and developmental news of the NNW are being reproduced from time to time, in more than 325 various national and regional newspapers, magazines, international media, covering more than a million combined circulation and readership. The NNW bulletin materials are also reproduced in regional language press.


Every month, the NNW publishes a special features bulletin which contains articles, commentaries, special features, and analytical evaluation of the events and happening during the month.


NEWS FROM NON-ALIGNED WORLD has been provided accreditation by the Press Information Bureau, Government of India. The Agency is also accredited to both Houses of the Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


NEWS FROM NON-ALIGNED WORLD enrols newspapers, missions, individuals, national and international media and organisations for annual membership and has the following subscription rates:-

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