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Nepal grows its tourism potential with Visit Nepal Year 2020

Sitting in the lap of Himalayas, Nepal filled with the beauty of several high altitude lakes and temples, holds an aura of a spiritual nation. The mystical nation with an incredible fusion of culture, geography, humble and welcoming people and a lot more, makes it undeniable for anyone to travel the country. Bountiful of natural beauty, sky-high mountain ranges, endless traditions and culture to explore and tempting imagery make it harder to resist visiting Nepal.

The country, with its mystical atmosphere, tantalising scenic beauties and abundant treasury, has made possible to carve a place for itself in the world map to be among the top tourist destinations. Bestowed with the astounding spectacle of mother nature and exhibiting the biodiversity settled in the geographical setting and tallest mountains, the scenery makes the region the most appreciated and revered tourist spot across the globe that somehow, on the contrary poses a threat to the riches to the exposition due to the human actions and their consequences.

Tourism and environment are two close and inseparable subjects, in which one gets influenced with the impacts of the other one. The success of the tourism sector is directly proportional to the state of the environment. An upliftment in one promises a better state of the other, while a downfall in one leads to the decline in the other.

Thus, it becomes quite important to put in place such activities that promise a better future for both the subjects, without compromising the needs of the future generations.

With an extensive support of the Non-Aligned Movement, Nepal has been connecting with the various national and international brands and sub-brands to foster tourism in the country, while laying equal emphasis on infrastructural development at the same time. Importance of tourism in Nepal has never been restricted just to the tourists coming in, rather it synthesises the major source of income for the country.

Sustainable tourism, in line with the ‘Visit Nepal’ campaigns is something that helps the country, maintain its mystical aura to be placed as the top tourist destinations across the globe. After the success of tourism years: Visit Nepal Year 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011, Nepal welcomes international tourism with its Visit Nepal Campaign 2020, announced by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The campaign aims to welcome two million international tourists within the year.

The ideology behind the move is to strengthen tourism sector that forms a major pillar of the Nepalese economy. Also, it targets to attract better economic growth for the country along with a tag of beautiful and safe country to travel.

The Visit Nepal 2020 campaign also aims to bring into mainstream of Nepal, tourism, as a broad-based sector with an expanded and extended participation of the community in tourism activities. With the theme of “Visit Nepal 2020: Lifetime Experience” been translated into ten different languages, the campaign aims to connect better to diverse range of tourists. Nepal is seen growing its potential towards the focus, where private tour operators are seen actively participating to target the foreign clients, promoting the campaign.

Tourism at an international level has been a significant source of income for Nepal to sustain its economy. As a result of strengthening of the tourism sector, travel and tourism generated a number of jobs which shows a promising future with rising statistics contributing to the nation’s economy. Tourism plays a crucial role in sustaining the current economic condition of the country, which is evident by the official figures that say in 2016 alone, Rs 177 billion was pumped out of the tourist sector while in 2017, it contributed 8 per cent of the country’s GDP that accounts to 220 billion Nepal’s currency.

The figures are likely to rise in the near future with the pace the country is working in the tourism sector. Non-Aligned Movement and its Member States have always advocated for the concerted efforts to boost the economies and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals simultaneously.

Sustainable tourism plays a crucial role in stimulating new and expanded community facilities and upgrading the living standards of the community, preserving and conserving the cultural heritage and pride of the nation for the generations to come.






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