The world, constantly engaged in establishing political and economic supremacy, has by and large tended to threaten global peace and security. Ever since the founding stone of the Non-Aligned Movement was laid, it has been univocally advocating national security of its Member States and has taken several grounded initiatives to spread the seeds of peace and prosperity. Its very foundation was laid on the pillars of non-participation in military alliances with major power blocks.

Non-Aligned Movement has been one of the pioneers in paving way to end any sort of authoritarian or extremist ideology and has been promoting several initiatives for the world to adopt the principles of disarmament.

The Member States of NAM have raised several unified proposals to minimize and eventually eliminate the threat of nuclear war that could be a possibility if the race for nuclear arms assimilation continue on ever-raging pace. NAM and its member states are fully aware of the devastations that could be the possible outcomes of a nuclear war and thus stand with upright security by means of disarmament and the full eradication of nuclear weapons.

NAM’s cardinal principle has been the adoption of disarmament as it considers nuclear weapons as a threat to survival of mankind ever since its inception after the Second World War and considers it to be a necessity to prosper the concept of harmony and global peace.

The successive Non-Aligned gatherings have univocally urged for general and complete adherence to the principles of peace by rejecting nuclear ideology and adopting complete disarmament. Standing tall with its principles of prospering peace and disarmament, NAM has adhered with its founding ideals based on humanitarian goals.

To protect the world from engaging in diverse global conflicts, be it confrontations between major global powers, independence wars or internal civil wars, NAM urges its member nations as well as other countries to follow the United Nation Charter and has called for a special session on disarmament to draw the limelight on the problems of nuclear arms race. NAM even recognises UN’s role in being a resolution maker between conflicting powers.

NAM’s foresaw the challenges in terms of nuclear energy and thus it became essential for the Non-Aligned Movement to exert pressure in order to prevent both horizontal and vertical proliferation of nuclear weapons.

It believed in positivism, desiring to put scientific and technological innovation for the progress of mankind and preventing any negative use of it that could pave way for human annihilation. NAM voices out for the use of nuclear energy in positive and peaceful purposes of development. Non-Aligned Movement even sees to the fact that clandestine nuclear development be stopped forever.

With the world being divided into nuclear have’s and have not’s, the role of the Non-Aligned Movement becomes itself urgent and important. NAM and its member states have stuck to the enabling foreign policy of disarmament for national security.

The efforts of NAM in the direction that will lead to complete nuclear disarmament is vast and meticulous. To name a few, these efforts include the Comprehensive Test Ban that prevents nuclear tests outer spaces, underground, seabed, etc. As per NAM’s vision, the outer spaces should be used for peaceful purpose as they are the common heritage of mankind and so called for a freeze on the development, production, stockpiling and deployment of nuclear weapons.

Other efforts of the NAM were the creation of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones to stop the proliferation of nuclear arm and signing of the Treaty on the Non-Prohibition of Nuclear Weapon (NPT) in Latin America that works on three basic tenants: Non-Proliferation, Disarmament and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Weapons. The Member States have significantly influenced not only the policies of the treaty that entered into force in 1970, but also the outcome of the subsequent five-year NPT Review Conferences. Thus, NAM has been one of the most arduous advocators in NPT affairs and the staunchness, proficiency and inventiveness of the leading Member nations of NAM and Observer states have taken the success of the initiatives to a substantially higher scale.