Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), ever since its founding stones were laid, has voiced against the imbalance in gender equation and fought for the rights of women. NAM has encouraged the Member States to take strict and effective measures to control the epidemic of gender-violence and gender-inequality. It has time and again reiterated the necessity of bringing the female folks of the nation on the forefront of economic, political and social participation.

NAM has univocally supported the efforts taken by Namibian Government to bring the women folks that constitute about half of the population to be the political as well as the economic partner of the nation. Realizing the adverse effects of low-participation level of one important aspect of civilization that has the naturality of creation, capacity to nurture be it life or progress, strength to fight all atrocities, have forced Namibia to take substantial measures that have shown positive results for the country.

NAM has applauded Namibia’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare initiative of developing a “National Women Economic Empowerment Framework”, that aims to ensure that women benefit and contribute economically to Namibia’s development and progress. The objective is to provide tactics, involvements, mechanisms and specific endorsements for the support required to safeguard women participation in the strategic value chain of key sectors of the Namibian economy. NAM encourages and validates the efforts as it will tend to fill the void of gender inequality and empower the women economically so to augment their sense of self-worth and community-worth. As per the Namibian government, the initiative will also encourage several economic sectors, be it private undertaking or public undertaking, to empower Namibian women and be an exemplary worldwide.

Though with the arduous efforts, Namibia has come a long way in terms of gender equality, still implementation gap remains. One of the biggest hurdles that till date has prevented Namibia to write a story of astonishing progress is the presence of gender-based violence in the nation. Females are more prone to poverty and lack of education than men. The absence of just property laws have prevented women to have ownership of lands so as to showcase their remarkable talent in the field of agriculture or entrepreneurship. They have access to lands either through their family or through spouses. NAM is voicing Namibia’s opinion to provide the women the ownership of lands so that they could contribute the national economy far more efficiently.

Women empowerment and eradication of gender-inequality in Namibia has internalized the concepts of United Nations 5th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and has understood the fact that to empower one section of society, the other couldn’t be totally neglected. For a wholesome growth, both men and women need to walk hand in hand in all spheres of civilizational values. NAM supports the Namibians who have put all the resources and mechanism at their disposal for the smooth implementation of the revised Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on issues related to Gender Development in addition to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Protocol’s objective is to bring African as well as Global goals on gender equality under the same parasol. NAM also welcomes the government’s view on the role of private sector to accelerate employment and sustainable economic development. The recognized sphere of improvement and transformation brings the issues of high female unemployment, maternal mortality rate and structural imbalance in the labour market to the foreground that need immediate actions.

Apart from economics, Namibia has shown a tremendous achievement with regards to gender representation in the political arena. When measured on a global axis, Namibia holds the 11th position in terms of representation of women in Parliament. Per figures, the Namibian Cabinet consists of 38% of women, while 41% of the Namibian Parliament constitutes women parliamentarians.

NAM supports Namibia’s effort of attaining equal representation before the year 2030. Women have embarked on a journey that gives them the decisive space but they still need a support structure that would aid them in the spheres of politics and encourage them to realize their potential in decision-making so as to contribute in the nation’s developmental agenda.

NAM’s efforts in fuelling the vehicle of gender equality has benefited the member nations of the Non-Aligned World as well as has encouraged the non-members to walk on its path so to write a story of global progress and kindle the flame of harmony and justice.