When wars tended to begin in human minds, the idea of constructing defences of peace occupied the minds of men and women of society. This was the time when it was felt that separatism can never lead to peace and collective efforts with termination of domination of one country over another is the only possible way to expand freedom and attain peace. And it was when Non-Aligned Movement came into existence.

The 120-member organisation, ever since its inception has been an epitome for mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Peaceful co-existence, non-aggression, mutual benefit and equality top the principles defining the pillars of the Non-Aligned Movement. Standing for peace through peaceful co-existence and cooperation among the Member States and the rest of the world, NAM has always initiated to safeguard and respect the principles laid by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

A specialised agency operating under the United Nations (UN), UNESCO is committed to promote collaboration of nations worldwide in education, sciences and culture to increase further universal respect for justice, the rule of law and human rights. The 120 member Non-Aligned Movement is acquainted with the cultural diversity prevailing in multilateralism.

Also, the largest collective grouping of the developing nations, NAM has always been an attestation to the fact that through shared and concerted efforts of the nations across the globe, the principle of unity in diversity can be achieved.

It supports the idea of constructive dialogue and working together by maintaining mutual respect and promising zero interference in internal matters of the sovereign nations. In line with the efforts of the United Nations, NAM has been a promising entity realising the matter of human rights and encouraging the promotion of cultural diversity through dialogue and joint actions.

Primarily focusing on promoting cultural diversity, NAM has reiterated its adherence to the UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions that was adopted in 2005 and was put to force in March 2007 as a major contribution to the global community. In accordance with the conventions marked by the UNESCO, and standing firm by its commitment towards promoting cultural diversity, NAM has followed a series of guiding principles laid by the UN-operated agency.

Non-Aligned Movement has always called on the Member States for shared efforts and respect towards the principles laid by the UNESCO, acting in accordance to which, the states have the sovereign right to adopt policies to protect and promote cultural diversity within their dominion. Cognizant of the fact that human rights and fundamental liberation is necessary to protect and promote cultural diversity, the Movement has been an embodiment for the Member States to ensure the same within their geographical boundaries, respecting the cultural diversity across the world.

Cultural diversity forms a rich possession for individuals and societies, the protection and promotion of which is regarded as an essential requirement for the sustainable development of the nation for both the present and future generations, while ensuring that individuals enjoy their rights disregard of the region they were born into, the class they belong to or the background they come from.

Keeping in mind the past and the reality of the world in which we live today, the principles and directives laid by NAM underline its commitment towards uprooting violent cultural practices while protecting and promoting the way for fundamental human rights to all, irrespective of the caste, creed or class, the individual belongs to.

Acting in line with the principles laid in this regard, the Member States abide by these and vow to uphold and guard all human rights and fundamental freedom of every individual despite the prevalence of their political, cultural and economical systems.

Reiterating its commitment towards attaching a great deal of significance to the promotion and protection of universal respect towards human rights, NAM has always called on the Member States to comply with their human rights obligations.

Voicing its concern towards the growth and development of economies through its people, the Non-Aligned Movement has time and again showcased its efforts in bringing together the efforts of the nations across the world respecting the principles and policies laid by the UN-operated agency UNESCO.

Treating humans equally with unprejudiced behaviour and ensuring that nations respect the cultural diversity, NAM has placed a great emphasis on its core principles and has led the member states to abide by these principles in a reasonable and equitable manner.