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Laos adopts Green Growth Strategy

Denying the intervention of the ever-increasing human population in the environmental domain would be an act of falsity being justified. Human race with its self – centred intentions, serving its own kind has so far caused serious threats to the ecological arena, be it any sphere of life – land, water or air. But the fact cannot be neglected that being the most responsible and social being on the planet, this humanity needs to centre its sight on the very cause of the concern and put into action, great efforts to unravel the bunch of threats that it has been giving way to since very long.

Curbing such issues and many more is the very basis of the establishment of Non-Aligned Movement that several nations agreed upon. It is one such initiative that has always emphasised on the collaborative efforts of its Member States to curb the problem and breed in efforts to let the nations bloom on the path of growth and development. Be it any field, the efforts put need to hit the roots of the problem. Green growth strategy is one such initiative, NAM considers to be efficacious towards the growth of a nation. Green growth in dictionary terms is defined as the means by which an economy can transform to a sustainable economy while simultaneously reducing the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste and inefficient use of natural resources, maintaining biodiversity and strengthening energy security.

In other words, it refers to stimulating the economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which relies the well being of the living world. The latter can be achieved when economies stick to the agenda of sustainable development. Initiation of green growth strategy is a move that has proven itself to be of utmost importance in times like today when the world is struggling really hard to get on the track of sustained growth and development.

Similar efforts have been endorsed by the government of Laos. The government of Laos, with the effective support of NAM, has countersigned a national green growth strategy with policymakers with a belief that the state involvement will facilitate maintaining strong, comprehensive and sustainable economic growth. The Prime Minister of Lao, Thongloun Sisoulith initiated towards the strategy, signing a decree on the plan that would mark significant transformation in the national development approach while contributing environment friendly, sustainable and socially inclusive growth.

The Laos National Economic Research Institute and the Laos Ministry of Planning and Investment contributed its critical importance towards formulating the long-term strategic plan. Along with these, concerted efforts of the World Bank, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and other development partners have added a lot to the initiative providing financial and technical support to the two agencies in giving a boost to the strategy.
Lao PDR is knowledgeable of its rapid economic growth in recent years along with a visible reduction in poverty rate, increased human development index and improved labour structure. The advancement comes with the moves of Global Green Growth Institute in supporting the government of Lao PDR to develop a National Green Growth Strategy (NGGS) that will facilitate policy direction on the convention of green growth into national, sub- national and sector strategies and policies.

Laos government even with its overarching trends and challenges of minimal institutional coordination, lack of financial resources and financial planning capacity for sustainable development is committed to ranking the country out of LDC group by 2020. The Laos government with its Vision to 2030 along with its 10 Year Strategy (2016-2025) and five year 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) 2016-2010, has clearly identified policy priorities on LDC graduation, giving way to human capacity, regional and international integration and sustainable development. The three policy documents emphasise on green growth and its contribution to long- term social economic development goals. The green growth concept marked as the strategic tool for the socio- economic development of the state, the plan stresses the need to utilize nation’s natural resources in a more efficient manner while adopting a development path that is identified to be more adaptable to risks that may hinder the path of development. The World Bank has facilitated Laos with a credit of 36 million US dollars to help develop and implement the green growth strategic plan from now until 2030 as the move will facilitate the state being opportune of achieving better living conditions.






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