International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies (IINS), an international organisation, was founded on September 19, 1980. It was established to project and highlight the convictions of the peoples of the Non-aligned World. IINS has provided a platform to voice the viewpoint of billions of people of the third world. As we move towards the 21st Century, it is imperative for the world to shun the greed for domination and exploitation. We must not bequeath the future generations a legacy of fear, insecurity, hatred and poverty. The IINS is striving to attain these objectives through education and dissemination of correct information and knowledge. In recognition of its pivotal role, the IINS has since been granted the ECOSOC Consultative Status with the United Nations and the Guest Status with the Non-aligned Movement. Being an international organisation and having peace, security, human rights, human resource development, advancement of science education and culture as major areas of its activities, the IINS also provides a platform, ‘NGOs FORUM FOR NAM” to various non-governmental organisation in NAM countries to give a people oriented direction to the Movement, thus making an exemplary contribution to the cause of the third world and developing countries. In view of the growing concern for Human Rights in all parts of the world, the IINS has established a CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (CHR). The various divisions of the Centre for Human Rights encompass:


  1. Rights of Minorities and ethnic groups;
  2. Rights of the Women and Child;
  3. Right to Sustainable Development (Economic);
  4. Right to life, Democracy and Human Rights
  5. Human Rights- Specific violations
  6. A principled Fight Against Terrorism


Besides organizing National and International Seminars and Conferences the Institute undertakes research and study projects on different aspects, issues and trends regarding the Non Aligned Movement. It also serves as a focal point for coordinating public, academic and research activities among the non-aligned countries. IINS also serves as an information bank to provide inputs for research and studies. The Institute also brings out ‘NEWS FROM NON-ALIGNED WORLD,” a bi-lingual bi-weekly News and Features Bulletin as also a quarterly journal “Non-aligned World”. The Institute has brought out more than fifty titles which are used for reference and research purposes by individuals and organizations. The Institute maintains a specialized library on relevant titles and subscribes to important national and international dailies and periodicals. The IINS representatives have been participating in various UN and NAM Conferences. The International Seminars organised by the Institute have provided meaningful directions to the NAM Conference.


IINS now has its offices in New York, Geneva, and Vienna to coordinate its work with the UN. It also has its Regional Office in five other countries. IINS has initiated an NGO COORDINATING COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS with its Head Quarters in Geneva. IINS is bringing out a monthly NEWS BULLETIN of the Coordinating Committee on issues related to human rights, international affairs, social development and non-aligned movement.


The membership of the Institute is open to individuals and organizations who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the IINS. The Governing Body of the IINS comprises of parliamentarians, academicians, experts, diplomats and media persons from all parts of the world. The financial resources of the IINS are generated through subscriptions, donations and contributions from private and public organizations, business houses, individuals, advertisements and sale of publications. Our publications (books, journals, features and NAM Documents) are being regularly subscribed by more than one hundred countries. Sometimes the itemized grants are also received from national and international autonomous organizations and UN agencies for organizing various activities and seminars and for participating in the conferences.


IINS welcomes individuals of all kinds without regard to gender, caste, or creed. However, most members are academicians, scholars, retired diplomats, present and past parliamentarians, people in the media and educators. The Institutional Members of IINS include organisation, associations, institutions and corporate bodies with similar aims and objectives. The IINS membership is drawn from NAM members countries and other developing countries from Asia, Africa, North America, South American, Europe and Australia.


The Executive Committee (Governing Body) of the Institute is elected from among the members. The Executive Committee comprises of President, 3 Vice Presidents, Director General, 3 Directors and Treasurer. In addition the International Executive/Steering. Committee of the IINS consist of internationally known personalities. The Director General of IINS is the chief executive of the Institute.


The Institute maintains a reference library for research scholars, visitors and other dignitaries to provide the necessary infrastructure to institutions and scholars engaged in the study of NAM. Important international magazines and other professional journals related to NAM are available in the Institute’s library. The Institute has acquired a wide collection of reports and documents covering different facets of the Non-aligned Movement.


The Institute, however, proposes to further enrich its library by adding to its existing collection more books, research journals, periodicals, magazines and papers etc. to furnish up to date information and material to research scholars of universities in their respective areas. The Institute has established and prepared computer software programmes for the creation of data bank, for cataloguing and indexing of research materials and other research aids.


As part of its drive to further extend the scope and use of the library and documentation centre, it is proposed to make available to the researchers the use of internet and other services on the wide basis. This will facilitate the retrieval of information in the chosen field at global level.


    • To conduct studies and researches concerning different aspects and issues of and trends in the Non-Aligned Movement and other areas related to Non-Aligned.


    • To impart training to workers for the dissemination of the ideas, philosophy and movement of Non-Aligned and send them to various countries for doing intensive and extensive work in those countries among the people and their government.


    • To hold meetings, symposia, seminars, workshops, conferences, conventions, and other gathering on current and pertinent issues.


    • To Promote the role of Non-Alignment in guiding and leading all other countries of the world in finding solution to global/regional problem.


    • To publish newspapers, journals, and periodicals.


    • To publish books, pamphlets, brochures, and souvenirs.


    • To manage a news and features agency devoted to NAM affairs. The agency collect news from the Non-Aligned countries and disseminate them all over the world to supplement and promote the objectives and role of Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool.


    • To established and maintain hostels, libraries, and reading rooms in order to facilitate the functioning of the institute and furtherance of its objects.


    • To cooperate and collaborate with any other society or organisation having similar aims and objects.


    • To hold, manage and grant endowments, awards, fellowships, stipends, prizes or financial assistance in any manner to the eligible and deserving persons with a view to promoting the cause of the Non-Aligned Movement.


    • To raise funds, by way of sale of publication, advertisements, donations, endowments, subscriptions, in the form of movable or immovable property, receive grant-in-aid and accept loans from the Non Governmental agencies both national and international, scheduled and non-scheduled banks, private and cooperative sectors, autonomous organizations, UN bodies and others.

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