Fiji Jobs for Nature Rehabilitation Program

By | May 17th, 2022|Articles|

The Jobs for Nature (J-NR) Rehabilitation Program in Fiji is a conservation initiative aimed to integrate and collaborate the ecosystem restoration needs with the genuine [...]

Sustainable tourism in UAE

By | May 16th, 2022|Articles|

International Tourism is a very essential component of revenue for the United Arab Emirates. Tourism constitutes a disproportionate 11.6 per cent of GDP in UAE [...]

Malaysia Shared Prosperity Vision 2030

By | May 15th, 2022|Articles|

The Shared Prosperity Vision as the country’s new direction was announced by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia during the tabling of the Mid-Term Review [...]

Indonesia’s Long-Term Strategy for Low Carbon and Climate Resilience 2050

By | May 14th, 2022|Articles|

Indonesia is the largest archipelago on the planet that consists of over 17000 islands. As such, the country faces a variety of threats from climate [...]

The Creative Caribbean Project

By | May 13th, 2022|Articles|

The “Creative Caribbean: An Eco-System of “Play” for Growth and Development” was launched by the members of the CARICOM states, culture ministers and partners on [...]

African Union commits to fight Illicit Financial Flows

By | May 12th, 2022|Articles|

Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) are illegal movements of money or capital from one country to another. The term emerged in the 1990s and was initially [...]

Let’s REAP: Addressing challenges of education post-COVID in the Caribbean

By | May 11th, 2022|Articles|

The COVID-19 pandemic not only resulted in a serious health crisis but also impacted the social sectors across the globe. One such sector badly hit [...]

ACWC playing a pivotal role in protecting women and child rights in ASEAN

By | May 10th, 2022|Articles|

The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is committed to promoting gender equality and empowerment of women. The ASEAN Member States are also members of [...]

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