Racism and Racial Discrimination threat to Global Peace

Racism is the notion that features and abilities can be ascribed to people based on their race and that some racial groups are superior [...]

Non-Aligned Movement and the United Nations

The Non-Aligned Movement has always upheld the principles of liberation and struggle in opposition to any kind of discrimination while affirming and backing the [...]

NAM Concerned at use of weapons of mass destruction by non-state actors

In recent years, non-state actors such as terrorist organisations and smuggling networks have posed a worrisome threat regarding them acquiring and using weapons of [...]

NAM and the current need for Sustainable Development

With the ever growing economies and the need and greed for more, the doctrine of Sustainable Development becomes the most relevant principle in today’s [...]

NAM Stresses the Importance of UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

United Nations Declaration on the Rights to Indigenous people, adopted in the 107th Plenary Meeting on 13th September 2007, recognises the need to to [...]

Youth, their issues and role of NAM

The youth of today face innumerable societal problems. The social issues facing today’s youth can have major effects on how these young people will [...]

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