News From Non-Aligned World

List of the international/regional/national activities on nam and its related issues organised by institute.

  1. Seminar on “The Present International Situation and the Non-Aligned Movement” organised on 11 January, 1981.
  2. Seminar on “The International Order and the Non-Aligned Movement” organised on 6 February, 1981.
  3. Seminar on “Challenges before the Non-Aligned Movement” organised on May 5, 1981.
  4. Seminar on “NAM and New International Information Order” organised on May 5, 1981.
  5. Seminar on “The Role and Contribution of Nehru, Tito and Nasser in Developing and Strengthening the Non-Aligned Movement” organised on 2 November, 1982.
  6. Seminar on “The task before the Seventh Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries” organised on 27 Jan., 1983.
  7. Seminar on “India’s Role in NAM under the leadership of Indira Gandhi” organised on 28 April, 1983.
  8. Seminar on “NAM Under India’s Chairmanship” organised on 1 September, 1984.
  9. Seminar on “Non-Alignment and Nuclear Disarmament” organised on 12 Mar., 1995.
  10. Seminar on “Non-Alignment – Struggle for Peace and Disarmament” organised on 13 March, 1986.
  11. International Seminar on “Non’Alignment : Retrospect and Prospects” organised on 1-3 August, 1986.
  12. Regional Seminar on “Seven Years of Iran-Iraq War – A Challenge Before NAM” organised on 4 May, 1987.
  13. International Seminar on “Non-Alignment and World Peace” organised on 7-9 August, 1987.
  14. Indo-Egypt-Gugoslav Tripartite Symposium on “Nehru-Tito-Nasser : Non-Alignment and the Contemporary World” organised on 11-13 March, 1988.
  15. International Scientific Symposium on “Non-Alignment – its Doctrine and Dynamics in Realizing the Vision of World Without War and Free from Racial Discrimination” organised on 19-21 August, 1988.
  16. International Colloquium on “A Non-Aligned Afghanistan for Peace and Stability in the Region” organised on 27-28 January, 1989.
  17. International Conference on “Non-Alignment in International Relations” organised on 28-30 July, 1989.
  18. Indo-Yugoslav-Ghana Joint Colloquium on “Changing World Realities : Priorities Before Nam” organised on 10-11 Oct., 1990.
  19. Inter Continental Journalists Meet on “Problems of New International Information and Communication Order and Cooperation Among the Journalists of NAM and Developing Countries” organised on 28-30 Nov., 1990.
  20. Round Table Discussion on “The Role Relevance of NAM in Changing World Situation” organised on 27-28 Aug., 1991.
  21. International Round Table Conference on “Independence in Interdependent World” On the Occasion of 30 Years of NAM, organised on 15-17 Nov., 1991.
  22. Seminar on “Prospects of Economic Cooperation between NAM Countries” organised on 20-21 April, 1992.
  23. Symposium on “Future of NAM” organised on 15-16 July, 1992.
  24. Round table Discussion on “Economic Reforms in Developing Countries and Challenges Before NAM” organised on 3 June, 1993.
  25. Debate on “NAM Regional Co-operation and Indian Sub-Continent” organised on 20 Jan., 1994.
  26. Meeting on “Nam Regional Co-operation and Indian Sub-Continent” organised on 20 Jan., 1994.
  27. Discussion Meeting on “The Changing Dynamics of NAM” with the UN Secretary General, Special Representative of NAM, organised on 4 Mar., 1994.
  28. Seminar on “NAM and New World Order” organised on 23-24 May, 1994.
  29. Discussion Meeting on “NAM – Ban dung to Cartagena” with Foreign Minister of Colombia, organised on 22 Apr., 1995.
  30. Regional Conference on “NAM and contemporary World” organised on 11 June, 1995.
  31. International Conference “NAM and Human Rights” organised on 24-25 Jan., 1996.
  32. Symposia on “NAM at Cross Roads” organised on 17-18 Mar., 1997.
  33. International Conference “NAM in 21st Century” The Issues of Priorities and Methodology on the occasion on 35 Years of NAM, organised on 1-2 Mar., 1997.
  34. Seminar on “Poverty Income Inequality and Social Justice in NAM Countries” organised on 7 Feb., 1998.

Activities On Socio Related Issues

List of the international/regional/National activities on international relations, social development and human rights organised by institute.

  1. Seminar on “New International Information Order” was held on July 16, 1981.
  2. Seminar on “Global Arms Race and the Third World” was held on Jan. 29, 1982.
  3. Meeting on “Mrs. Indira Gandhi and other World Leaders – Four Continents Peace Initiative and Nuclear Threat” on June 15, 1984.
  4. Meeting on “Immediate Nuclear Freeze” to mark the First Anniversary of the Six Nation joint Appeal for Peace and Disarmament on May 22, 1985.
  5. Seminar on “Disarmament, Survival and Coexistence in the Age of Nuclear Weapons” was organised on December 2, 1985.
  6. Round-Table discussion on “Rajiv Gandhi-Mikhail Gorbachev Summit : Dimensions and Prospects” on December 22, 1986.
  7. Symposium on “Peace and Security – Asian Dimensions” to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Asian Relations Conference convened by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, was organised on April 18, 1987.
  8. Seminar on “Banning the Use or Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons” on Jan. 31. 1988.
  9. International Scientific Symposium on “Non-Alignment : Its Doctrine and Dynamics in Realising the Vision of World Without War and Free From Racial Discrimination” on the occasion of 40 years of India’s independence and its foreign policy and 25th anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity, on August 19-21, 1988.
  10. Colloquium on “A Non-Aligned Afghanistan for Peace and Stability in the Region” was organised by the Institute on January 27-28, 1989.
  11. National Debate on “Eliminate Nuclear Weapons by 2010” was organised on India’s Action Plan, tabled at the Third Special Session of the UN
  12. General Assembly on Disarmament, organised on March 18, 1989.
  13. A two-day Round Table Conference “Peace Prospects in Afghanistan” was organised by the Institute in collaboration with Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia on August 19-20, 1989.
  14. A Seminar on “Human Rights of the Palestinian People” on the occasion of 41st anniversary of the International ‘Human Rights Day’ was held on 9 Dec. 1999.
  15. National Conversazione on “India’s Foreign Policy : Peace, Security and Cooperation in South Asia” organised on June 15-16, 1990.
  16. Two-day Round Table Discussion on “28th CPSU Congress and its impact on Contemporary World” was organised on 24-25 August 1990.
  17. National Seminar “Unity Against Communalism” In collaboration with National Citizen’s Forum on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi Martyr’s Day, on 29 Jan. 1991.
  18. Round Table Discussion on “Political Instability and India’s Foreign Policy” on 19th April 1991.
  19. Two-day National Symposium on “Democratisation of United Nations” in the light of the changed international scenario was organised to commemorate the United Nations day, on 14-15 April 1993.
  20. International symposium on “Prospects of Cooperation between European Communities and Developing countries” organised on 15 October 1993.
  21. Two-Day National Seminar on “Human Rights and Developing Countries” on 17-18 December, 1993.
  22. One Day Round Table Discussion on “Yugoslavia Legal Aspects” with H. E. Mr. Zorhan Stojanovic, Federal Minister of Justice of F.R. of Yugoslavia organised on 7 Feb. 1994.
  23. Discussion on “Prospects of Indo-US Relations” organised on 12th May, 1994.
  24. Two-day Global Conference on “Human Rights and Terrorism” organised on 21st July, 1994.
  25. International Seminar on “Human Rights and Role of Mass Media” to mark the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations on 20-21 July, 1995.
  26. International Colloquium on “Media in Conflict Situations” organised on January 24-25, 1996.
  27. International Conversazione on “Democracy and Terrorism” organised on July 25-26, 1996.
  28. Special Lecture meeting on “Human Rights in India” organised on 20th September 1997.
  29. A Discussion Meeting on “50th Anniversary of Universal Declaration on Human Rights by the UN” was organised on 7th January 1998.
  30. International Conference on “Human Rights Challenges in 21st Century” organised in collaboration of NGOs Coordinating Committee on Human Rights, Geneva on March 5-6, 1998.